Leo Scotto, Anthony Scotto I, Sal Scotto, Frank Scotto in Brooklyn, NY. Villa Armando

La Famiglia

Family is everything to us at Sera Fina

All of Us

The Sera Fina Family

I grew up in a family of winemakers, wine sellers and wine drinkers. As I’ve said before, family means not only where you come from, but it’s also where you are, where you’re going and who you’ll meet along the way.

The Sera Fina family, or La Famiglia, extends the Scotto name to my beautiful wife Whitney and three boys Dante, Luca and Carlo as well as our staff at the cellar, growers, wine club members and so many more. Come stay a while at our winery and join La Famiglia!

Family History, the first generation of Scottos in the wine business

5 Generations

The Scotto Family

Sera Fina is a 1st generation winery from a 5th generation winemaker. The Scotto family has a long history of wine appreciation and winemaking in America dating back to 1903 when my great grandfather immigrated to Brooklyn, NY from Ischia, Italy. Over 60 years ago my grandfather bought our family’s first winery in California. He taught my siblings and me the traditions of family winemaking and what an honor it is to work with your family.

Paul and Whitney Scotto and family

My Generation

Paul Scotto & Family

Family has always been at the heart of everything I do and not a weekend goes by without visiting one of my brothers and sisters or joining family gatherings at my parents’ house. And let me remind you that our heritage is both Mexican and Italian, so you can imagine how large and LOUD these gatherings tend to get!

Day to Day

Our Tasting Room Family

I would be remiss if I didn’t explain how fortunate we have been to have so many great people come into our lives and made Sera Fina part of their family too. Your tasting room experience is created by our amazing staff. All of our team members, whether in the vineyard or at the tasting room, are an integral part of our family. They pour memorable wine with a positive attitude, a little humor and never forget your experience you have with one of our tasting room family members.

wine and cider tasting at Sera Fina

And You

The Club

Here’s the deal… we’re really rad, the tasting room is amazing, and so are all of our wine club members- doesn’t that sound like a group you’d want to hang out with? Or just be able get awesome deals and drink some of our favorite wines? Whatever brings you to The Club, we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our family!

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