Whitney and I hope you’ll feel welcome at Sera Fina Cellars and share our enthusiasm for our wines and hard ciders. Come visit any weekend and discover more about the cellar, our wine and cider making styles, and La Famiglia.

SFC Barbera 2016 bottle
Barbera$28.00 750ml
Dancing Grape Red bottle
Dancing Grape Red$14.00 750ml
Dancing Grape White-bottle
Dancing Grape White$14.00 750ml
SFC DP Blend 2016 bottle
DP Blend$30.00 750ml
SFC Grenache 2015 bottle
Grenache$27.00 750ml
SFC Pinot Grigio 2017 bottle
Pinot Grigio$17.00 750ml
SFC Primitivo 2015 bottle
Primitivo$29.00 750ml
SFC Sauvignon Blanc 2019 bottle
2021 Sauvignon Blanc$17.00 750ml
SFC Sauvignon Blanc 2017-bottle
Sauvignon Blanc$18.00 750ml
Syrah bottle
Syrah$25.00 750ml
V14 bottle
V|14 Estate Blend$40.00 750ml
SFC Viognier 2017 bottle
Viognier$19.00 750ml
SFC Zinfandel 2016 bottle
Zinfandel$26.00 750ml
Blueberry Zin Cider cans
Blueberry Zinfandel
Bone Dry Cider cans
Bone Dry
Mango Muscat Cider cans
Mango Muscat
Apple Pinot Grigio Cider cans
Pinot Grigio
Raw Apple Cider cans
Raw Apple
Strawberry Cider cans
Tart Cherry Cider cans
Tart Cherry

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