4 cans of scotto ciders on a table

Scotto Brothers

Our Ciders

I always tell people, I am wine by blood, and cider by choice...

And that couldn’t be more true; although I love the craft of making wine and it will always be a part of who I am and what I do, making craft hard apple cider and exploring the fusion of different flavors unique and familiar is exciting!

Growing up I knew wine would be in my future, but never did I ever think I would add Cider Master to my future resume….

I bring a winemaker’s approach to producing small batches of hand-crafted hard apple ciders. In the cider world sky’s the limit... I have made everything from a dry apple cider to a Jalapeño infused mango cider!

It starts with cold fermenting small lots of fresh apple juice to capture the delicate flavors and complex balance that makes this Mother Nature’s most refreshing adult beverage. The result is our refreshing, lightly carbonated artisan cider, produced at our Lodi winery. (Can you imagine sitting outside on the patio at sunset enjoying a glass of chilled cider?? We can!)